Information for participants

The best articles will be recommended for publication in leading Ukrainian and Polish journals.

By the results of the conference there will be published a conference book.

Full-time participation is possible in the form of a report or a poster.

The duration of the report on the session – 10 min.

Deadline for registration on the web-page of the conference – 1 October, 2017 (extended).

Theses should be submitted and arrangement fee should be paid till 1 October, 2017.

Abstracts in Ukrainian, Polish  and English.

Instructions for authors concerning preparation posters

  • Format of Poster – A1.
  • Poster should be prepared in English Language. It is also possible to use Ukrainian or Polish, but in this case it is required to add abstract in English.

Supporting Scientific Journals:

  • Scientific and technical journal ‘Research  Bulletin  of  NTUU  ‘KPI’;
  • Scientific and Technical Journal ‘Water and Ecology: Problems and solutions’;
  • ‘Research Bulletin  of  NTUU  ‘KPI’ series ‘Chemical Engineering, Ecology and Resource-Saving’;
  • Scientific and technical journal ‘Water and Water Purification Technologies’;
  • Scientific and Technical Journal “Ecological Chemistry and Engineering S”
  • Scientific and Technical Journal “Ecological Chemistry and Engineering A”
  • Scientific Journal “Chemistry-Didactics-Ecology-Metrology”